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Who is this Judy Faltskog person?

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What's the deal with this Judy Faltskog person? Who is she and what are her qualifications for making these claim of ET contact??!?

I found a thread about her at GLP and it sounded interesting, but otherwise I couldn't find much other info. I found pieces that she was is a South African

radio astronomer, (their version of Dr. Jill Tarter perhaps :rolleyes: ) and that she was arrested in the nineties for kissing a girlfriend. No other info such

as university work or collaborations, etc.

She had a facebook page where somebody said she decoded messages from Epsilon Eridani!?!? :w00t:

So finally some signal proof positive. Looks like the secret groups, NSA, etc went after her stuff or talk to her as she button up.

(Look like she get the Mac Brazel, Paul Bennowitz treatment)... :hmm::(


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I can't find anything on her credentials, but there is this thread from UM about her, http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=182085

I googled her name. She has a few websites and states that she personally has been in contact with E.T's. Here is one of her websites http://www.blogtalkradio.com/judy-faltskog

Google brought up some other forums talking about her and her claim. There are lot of questions and no answers. Because of the lack of direct communication from this woman, the lack of public records of her credentials, the schools she attended etc, most people are calling it a hoax. All anyone can seem to find is that she made this claim, and then disappeared.

IF she is telling the truth and has the necessary evidence to back up her claim, then wow, that is awesome. But I'm expecting this to be proven a hoax.

I guess time will tell, eventually.

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She has no credible qualifications, her website at best is another new age spouting, BS-ridden hole of false claims

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I agree...

This one has internet H-O-A-X written all over it.

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