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MB Forde

Frank Slide Ghosts

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I've been to the Turtle Mountains a few times. It's very nice there. Didn't see any ghosts while I was there anyway. (Of course, I didn't have any EV cameras or Franks Boxes either, and was not looking for ghosts!) ;) But I've never heard about this particular disaster, so one is always learning something, I guess.

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I used to live in the area, I can tell you theres an eerie feeling amongst the rocks, an unsettled energy so to speak. As a kid I would go on adventures climbing the massive boulders, I felt I was never alone as if someone was always watching. As I grew older i found it hard to feel comfortable in among the slide; a feeling that was out of place given I have lived in, and am remarkably comfortable around mountains and open spaces.

I have heard the stories of people hiking through the rubble and seeing the shadowy apparitions of the miners, often standing above on the crests of the larger boulders. There also is a story of an archeologist who found human remains while working at the site, he decided to stay the night, but only lasted a couple hours after dark as an apparition wielding a pickaxe refused to leave him alone.

One of the best stories has to do with a prostitute named Monte Lewis, who was violently hacked to death with an axe by her lover after refusing to sell off her jewellery to support his gambling habit. Her shrill screams echo through the valley to this day. Some say its the west winds that blow; but others know it it Monty, forever wandering the rubble above what used to be her home seeking retribution for her death. She frequently visits whomever may be unfortunate enough to be on the mountain at night.

I know this is a late post on a dead thread, but the Crowsnest Pass has an interesting, often turbulent history with many stories to be told. I feel as if this story needs telling so that people who venture through the pass realize that the fallen rock entombs the dead, thus we must show our respect.

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