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First Ever Dinosaur Found In Cuba

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Scientists from Cuba and Argentina have uncovered the first positively identified dinosaur remains ever found in Cuba.

The roughly 150-million-year-old vertebra of a small, coastal-dwelling Saurischian dinosaur was unearthed in the Sierra de los Organos Mountains in western Cuba.

Earlier discoveries had been made, but none of the finds were able to withstand scientific scrutiny.

In 1949, Alfredo de la Torre y Callejas found a 45-centimeter (18 inch) bone in Vi~nales and identified it as that of a Diplodocus or Brontosaurus. The bone was lost, however, and the very general description and single photograph that have survived leave doubt about its true origins.

Despite the lack of hard evidence, scientists remained convinced that dinosaur fossils could be found in what is now Cuba.

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