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Zodiacs ?

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William B Stoecker: On 12/20/68 a young couple, Betty Lou Jensen and Arthur Faraday, were parked on Lake Herman Road in Benicia, California, when an assailant approached their vehicle and shot and killed both of them. On 7/4/69, on the outskirts of Vallejo, California, someone, apparently the same murderer, shot Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin and Michael Renault Mageau; she died and he survived. On 9/27/69, at Lake Berryessa, California, an assailant wearing a hood with a Templar/Mason symbol on his shirt, a cross in a circle, held Cecelia Ann Shepard and Bryan Calvin Hartnell at gunpoint, bound them, and stabbed them. Only Bryan survived. Someone claiming to be the killer called a police dispatcher after one of the killings and sent letters, some in a kind of code, to San Francisco Bay Area newspapers. Most of these are considered authentic, as the writer knew details of the killings not made public. He called himself the Zodiac Killer and claimed many more victims, but this was never proven. He may have been the man who abducted Kathleen Johns and her infant daughter near Lompoc, California, and torched their car after they escaped from him. Zodiac may also have killed Donna Lass, last seen 9/6/70 at South Lake Tahoe, California, but her body was never found. Zodiac is believed to be the one who shot and killed cab driver Paul Stine at the intersection of Mason and Geary streets in San Francisco, and then fled toward the Presidio…then an active Army post.

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Very well written article. This story has always fascinated me, especially one of the suspects (Joseph Newton Chandler). I mean, who was that guy???

It's a pity the level of forensic science that we have today wasn't around back then. :unsure2:

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The Zodiac killer is likely far dead.

Perhaps we may never know exactly who it was, but it is certain that it was an extremely psychotic individual.

Chances are is that he is dead now. Way too many years have passed.

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Stygean Hugh

Honest to god, this article p***ed me off a little. I mean where did this guy get these 'facts?' There is no evidence to link the Zodiac, Son of Sam, or the Manson family. To say they were a network of killers working together is so unlikely. It's true; the Zodiac is most likely dead. It is true that we will never know exactly how many people he killed. It is also true the SF Bay Area is the Hub for much occult activity. But to make such unfounded claims of conspiracy for satanic cults to commit mass/serial murders is just way far out. What are the motives of these hi powered satanic politicians to kill random and innocent people?

He points out all the similarities and coincidences between these infamous killers of the past century, but he fails to mention a key fact they all had in common; they were out of their minds. The author also fails to sight his sorses. Where did he get this info from?

All this aside there have been groups of killers thought to be working together to commit murder country wide. For example, The Smiley Face killers.


here at cnn;


And they have their own site now I guess here @; http://sfkillers.com

I just find this particular article hard to swallow.

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The best suspect of the Zodiac killings is Richard Gaikowski.

if you want more details go to zodiackiller.com

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