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The Bodalog Monster: A Killer on the Loose

Still Waters

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Sometimes, in an investigation of the cryptozoological kind, not only do we not catch the critter in question, but we don’t even get a good handle on what it is, where it came from, or to where it ultimately went. Such are the trials and tribulations of a monster-hunter!

A classic example of this is the very strange – and now-largely-forgotten – story of what became known as the Beast of Bodalog that briefly captured the attention of the British public and the nation’s media in the late 1980s.

The oldest town in mid-Wales, and with an abundance of old standing-stones at the foot of which the ancients dutifully worshipped, Rhayader is, to this day, an atmospheric locale and one filled to the brim with rich history and magical folklore. For example, 5000-year-old Neolithic axes are periodically discovered there, and in 1899 a collection of gold jewellery was unearthed on nearby Gwastedyn Hill that was thought to originate with a legendary, 5th century princess named Rowena - the daughter of the Anglo-Saxon leader, Hengest, and wife to High King Vortigern; a powerful and brutal warlord in his own right.

Against this historic backdrop, between September and December 1988, a series of very weird animal-killings occurred in and around the vicinity of Rhayader that had the people of the area in absolute fits of frenzy and fear. The Bodalog Farm suffered greatly: no less than thirty-five sheep were mutilated and slaughtered in that particular time-frame by a highly stealthy, and unknown, predator whose modus operandi was always the same: a deep and fatal bite to the sternum.

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geez sounds like a vampire wannabe cult

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