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Rob Awesome

My prediction.. Hurricanes of Fire!

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Please don't take this too seriously, just something interesting to share

I've seen and read a few articles about the oil gusher raising the ocean temperature which will in turn cause more violent hurricanes... My mind started wandering and I got to thinking (rare but it happens), if there was enough lighter, more flammable oil (maybe the so-called "sweet-crude") in the ocean, could a hurricane pick up enough oil soaked ocean water to become flammable?

The winds pick up suckiong sea water into the funnel, the warm water hits the cold air, lighting strikes, Whoosh! all of a sudden you have a 600 mile wide firestorm ripping up the oxygen in the air rushing towards land mass at an incredible rate, as it hits land it doesn't slow as a normal hurricane but feeds of the new supply of combustables and oxygen, an ever wider whirlwind of hell ripping across the continent, you could be overcome by heat before you see the flames!

A billion, billion, billion to 1 chance, if true, could make me this century's NostraDumbAss! just sayin'

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