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List of Goods Banned in Gaza

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Moon Monkey

Some of us do pay attention. The insistence that one sides consistently uses human shields is a fabrication.

Let us discuss the war crimes during the offensive where Israel bulldozed buildings with civilians in them, Israel knew what it was doing. Or we can discuss Israel themselves using human shields, yes they have.


And of course Israel lies and will claim otherwise.

America has provided Israel with bomber jets. While Israel claims they are for self-defense, in case another nation wishes to have an air conflict with them, in fact Israel has mainly used them as air-to ground attacks on civilian targets. Ya, they know what they are doing again. We can see clearly they wish to harm controlled damage to a whole population with this being just one more example. The evidence is overwhelming and quite depressing to review.

Israel is the main aggressor and is already being held accountable to that role. Some might not approve but it is already happening and their will be consequences. I have been paying attention to this conflict for years and just waiting for Israel to be placed in check.

The side with the superior weapons which has thus far taken the lives of more civilians, Israel, will be held responsible to the greatest degree. While Hamas has great fault in this, they have inferior weapons, while some say their goal is to harm civilians, Israel has actually taken the lives of more. The facts speak for themselves. Amnesty International for example is quite more credible than Israel is when it comes to revealing who is harming who. That many NGOs, charity organizations, and even the UN has found more fault with Israel, while Israel still denies, shows their true colors. All regimes of hate lie when exposed.

When this is all settled there will be a few members of Hama who will be tried for war crimes. There will just be many more Israelis being tried for the same thing as well.

Some say Hamas goal is to harm civilians whilst Israel mainly bulldozes houses where they know civilians are and use fighter bombers on civilian targets pretty much somes it (and you) up. You just keep towing the party line. Anything you post on the subject has been covered before so hit the serach function. It would be a complete waste of time having a debate with you, you are too far gone.

What does getting anything through Egypt have to do with the fact that their airspace and territorial waters are controlled by Israel? They are reliant on Israel because Israel is occupying Gaza.

Israel is not occupying Gaza and as part of the pull-out agreement Israel maintained control of sea and air access for the obvious reason they didn't want Iran seeting up camp there. Pretty good forsight IMO considering the ammount of rocket attacks they have suffered. they are reliant on Israel because the aid they get is brought there, x-rayed to ensuure it is aid, carried overland and delivered. There is no reason why it cannot be brought to Egypt, x-rayed, carried overland and delivered.

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