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Moon Monkey

Turkish PM to sail to Gaza

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Moon Monkey

You called it a blurb but the fact remains. Unless you have counter evidence from another agency there really is no contest regarding the dubious mathematics of your view.


What are you talking about, what fact remains ? A simple line saying 'the situation is getting worse' is not a fact, it is not quantified, what do they say the situation was ? what is the situation now ? how much worse ? What is there to counter ? You just said yourself that Israel has relaxed the blockade since the World Bank report.

For all you know, now Hamas are running the tunnels they are committing more resources, doing a more proffessional job and bringing more supplies through. Though maybe the supplies they are bringing are the type they don't like to advertise. You know. for PR purposes.

Palestinian relief sources are still using the 80% figure so why do you question it ?


I have provided the available figures from the agencies, so unless YOU have counter FIGURES they are the numbers to use.

In what way are the mathematics dubious, They are very simple use of percentages.

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Moon Monkey

Rosewinn, I presume by your silence here that you now accept the figures. I am still waiting to hear what happened to the 7+ million tonnes of restricted aid.

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