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Debate Scoreboard

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Posted (edited)

The following are the results of this season's UM debates so far:

Evolution vs Creationism

Saucy (30) vs Aquatus1 (35) [W]

Should christianity be banned from schools?

The Nameless One (29) vs Xenojin (32) [W]

Multiculturalism vs Integration

Team Falco Rex & Blue Scorpion (31) [W]

Team Naudia & Stillcrazy (26)

Should we clone a human being ?

Student&Alive (25) [W] vs Daedalus (14)

Is time travel possible ?

Xenojin [W by default] vs Markuss

Should Prostitution be legal in the U.S ?

Odinsgrl (32) [W] vs HunterKiller2001 (31)

T-Rex: Hunter or Scavanger?

Man_in_mudboots (31) [W] vs The_Hunter (27)

Resurrecting an Extinct Species

Falco Rex (34) [W] vs HunterKiller2001 (33)

Returning to the Moon: A Good Idea ?

Hunterkiller2001 (20) vs AztecInca (30) [W]

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Posted (edited)

Science: A Threat to Society?

Aquatus1 (22) vs (28) [W]

Who has Created the Best Rock Music?

Ames [Failed to Finished] vs jpalz [W by Default]

Psychopaths: Pre-determinded or Created by Society?

Talon (31) [W] vs Disinterested (29)

Should we Genetically Engineer a Better Human Body?

Tigger (29) vs UniversalAbsurdity (31) [W]

Abstinance vs Safe Sex in Schools

Saucy (26) vs Kat_Kloud (30) [W]

Should Marijuana be Legalised?

Team Hunterkiller & Arben (31)

Team Barman & Falco Rex (36) [W]


Fearfulone (35) [W] vs Velikovsky (31)


Lochness Hunter (30) vs Monster Hunter X (33) [W]

The Right of Gun Ownership

Lottie (34) vs Joc (36) [W]

Gay Marriage: Should We Allow It?

Fluffybunny (35) [W] vs Kikuchiyo (23)

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Should Health Care be Free For All?

Novo (27) vs Galor (28) [W]

Banning of Extremist Political Parties

Talon (35.6) [W] vs Erikl (35.3)

Euthanasia: Moral or Immoral?

Galor [Failed to finish] vs Walken [W by default]

Bible Credibility: Fact, or Fiction?

aquatus1 (27.6) [Failed to finish] vs saucy (34.6) [W by default]

World War III: Will it happen?

Walken (34) [W] vs sane-scotty (32.6)

Escaping the mortal coil, Does man exist in spirt?

Irish (36.6) vs SnuffyPuffer (37) [W]

Should we allow Plastic Surgery?

Kryso (31.6) [W] vs SnuffyPuffer (31.3)

Has Feminism Gone Too Far?

Walken (36.3) [W] vs UniversalParadox (35)

Psychic Abilities- Fact or Fiction?

Aquatus (30.6) [W] vs Irish Vixen (29.6)

Vivisection: Right or Wrong?

Deception [Failed to Finish] vs Galor [W by Default]

Should We Still be Eating Meat?

Galor [Failed to Finish] vs Walken [W by Default]

Kurt Cobain: Murder or Suicide?

star_child [Failed to Finish] vs Nordberg5150 [W by Default]

Pro-Bush or Anti-Bush?

Walken (33.3) [W] vs Me_Again (32.6)

Do Poltergeists Exist?

Monkeyburd (33.3) vs Hoagy [W] (34.3)

Enoch: Fact or Fiction

aquatus1 (31.3) vs Ashley-Star Child (34) [W]

Human Cloning: Right or Wrong?

JohnnyBoyC [W by Default] vs Neo2005 [Failed to Finish]

Is Fast Food to Blame?

UniversalMind (34) [W] vs Joc (33.33)

Edited by Lottie

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Posted (edited)

Pulling the Plug - Do we have the Right?

StillCrazy (33.6) vs Sane-Scotty (35.3) [W]

Should we still be wearing fur in the 21st Century?

Galor [W by default] vs Jeremy_Rumbolt [Failed to Finish]

Human Intelligence-Are We Our Worst Enemy?

Kryso (30.3) [W] vs Imagin (24.3)

Does Karma Exist?

Galor [W by Default] vs Yona [Failed to Finish]

The Death Penalty - Right or Wrong?

Kryso (29) [W] vs DukeofNoodleness (7)

Is Our Reality the Truth?

Xenojjin (30) [W] vs Quicksand (0)

Has Science Really Affected Religion?

Galor [W by Default] vs Saucy [Failed to Finish]

Scientology- A Valid Religion?

JohnnyBoyC (30) vs UnaFragger (36) [W]

Criminal Behaviour- Nature vs Nurture

Disinterested (36.6) [W] vs Kryso (33.6)

HasScience Really Effected Religion?

Galor [W by Default] vs Saucy [Failed to Finish]

Are I.D Cards Neccessary?

Atlantis Rises (16) vs thebarman (25.3) [W]

Edited by Lottie

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I think we can safely assume this season has now come to an end. Results will be announced in a couple of days! :)

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