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Psykeeper's Tarot Card Readings

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hi babz i was wondering if you could do a reading for me when you have a chance.

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Hey everyone, and welcome! :) I know this is a wall of text, but bear with me here! :P

I had a tarot reading thread here for a while, but had to drop it for personal reasons. I haven't done a reading since then, and have been getting that itch to get back into the habit! I'm seriously out of practice, so I need to get back into the rhythm! I encourage skeptics to post as well! :)

I will give readings once or twice a day whenever possible. My summer is really busy right now, so I cannot guarantee a reading daily. I will try my best to keep up though!

I have 80% success rate for readings in person, but online readings will be more difficult and perhaps less successful. For that reason, please read the information below before posting a request.

- Imagine yourself as a tarot card. What is one (or two, but preferably one) word that sums you up or makes you unique? You can use this to describe your personality, appearance, or a nickname. If you feel strongly about an existing tarot card that describes you, include that along with your "word" so I can implement that into my interpretation. This allows me to hone in on to you, much like how the Cereboro works (It's the metal helmet thing Xavier uses in the X-Men movie.) A recent face picture helps, but is not required.

- I have had few people use words like reincarnation or depressed or oasis. These give me a weak "signal" and give me an unclear reading. If you are a very emotional person and choose to use an emotion (happy, sad, depressed, etc) to describe yourself, then I will allow it. If you want to describe yourself as an object like oasis, then explain why without letting out too much personal information. That way I understand how it relates to you. For example, oasis can be a metaphor to describe you.

- Use only that word to post your request! Don't include any other information! I really want to keep my readings unbiased.

- I can sense if the reading is going to be clear or not during the shuffling phase. If that's the case, then I will inform you.

- Another thing I ask of the people that request a reading from me- once you get a reading from me, it is best to wait about a week or so before you ask again. Events need to change over time for another reading to become necessary.

- I will post my response with a reading and a diagram of the spread, so you may analyze/interpret it in your own way if you wish. (NOTE: The diagram will not make sense until you see it in text editing mode. Click "reply" to my response, and it will make sense.)

- I would really appreciate feedback on my readings. I like to know my hits and misses. :)


A few people do ask me about my spread. I use a modified Celtic Cross spread. If you are curious what my "modifications" are, PM me and I will be happy to share. :)

The most common complaint I get from other readers about my methods is that I only use the Major Arcana, thus my readings are inaccurate. I understand that people want to have accuracy in their readings, but I find that futile. I like giving a general reading, with just enough accuracy to keep it credible- detailed, but not too many details.

Another question people ask me about my methods is, "Many tarot readers ask the recipient for a question for the cards to answer. Why don't you do that?" Well, I understand that people want to have questions answered, but I want to move away from superficial questions, and answer the "questions of the heart." (as corny as that may sound) I want to answer what matters the most to the person. I must warn you though, some readings can become very personal. If I feel like the reading is too sensitive for the public eye, I will post what is "safe" and PM you the rest.

Hi I'd love a reading!

My word is: love

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Big Bad Voodoo

Hi Psykeeper,

I would like reading.

My word is : pillar

Thanks in advance.

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sandip beladiya

give me tarot reading please!!!!!!

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bLu3 de 3n3rgy

Just a note before more people stack requests up for psykeeper.

He's not been active on the forum for a while now so you may have to wait a while until he is.

Wolfman87 - this is psykeepers thread, if you would like a reading with another reader, i suggest you start a thread of your own.


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