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New Mexico creature


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don't just look at the picture; there are clues in the story itself.

notice the way the guy automatically contributes each feature of the canine as something unusual. sabre tooth? that holds prehistoric connotations. bit of a leap. (IMO)

if I was making up a good story to go with a strange picture, this is exactly what i would come up with. And uhm -

1. My camera just happens to die after only one shot of the animal. D: technology hatesss cryptids.

2. WAITWAIT. That sounds suspicious. I must have been hiking for a while. Let's go with 2 1/2 hours

3. Wait? I must have been taking a lot of pictures to use up all the battery. I'll include that in the beginning.

4. My dog won't go near it. Doesn't everyone say that when they're trying to make a scary story? My dog doesn't have a problem with dead coyotes. Then again, my dog is just stupid.

5. He has to include everything that he is carrying to make it seem more convincing.

6. And the body disappears! How thoughtful of it. ^^

i'd stepped away from from this thread for a little while, and came back to read this guy's incredible coyote s*** tale.

i love this lady right ^^ here ^^ :wub: way to stick it to him by pointing out the over embellishment of mundane details and his camera "suddenly dying after one photo!" i have an ex-girlfriend who use to say, "when you over-explain yourself...you're covering up for a lie."

This is how Donald Gialanella should have shopped his dead dog photo.

My Shopped Version of the Photo.

It is quite clear to me Mr. Gialanella (in a very sloppy amateurish way) manipulated the original photo and posted it as a sick way to get attention or recognition. Why only one tooth?

The number of spinal protuberances in his photo do not match the number of vertebrae. as you can see he left some unnatural gaps. He also manipulated the muzzle and nose of the dog so it would not look so dog like. If you look closely at the top of the muzzle, above the "saber tooth" you can see part of the shadow on the ground is missing or very blurred.

His Shopped Version.

bravo, sir! i came back to this thread hoping there'd be a higher rez photo for me to fancify, since i have the evening off, and you delivered an equally awesome job! so for those who said it couldn't be done.....there ya go! :tu:

Can you show us your skills then by adding back spines to the red fox carcass photo without giving it away by identification of block pixelation? I would be impressed if you could. Thanks.

hmmm..... <_<

Excellent work!! Saru: take a good long look and please reconsider in future whether the 'evidence' is likely against a genuine case!

welcome to what we've been saying since page 1 of this thread. ;)

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Here's an interesting coyote-like beast videoed running down a road in front of a sheriff's patrol car

Looks like a Peruvian Hairless

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all the peices of the body look like from diffrent animals

head = hound dog

rib cage = really skinny cyote

back legs = shepards

and also on each part of the body there is a diffrent kind of fir all ov which are similar colors

It look like someone photoshoped over the bones because the hole in the body isn't as aluminated as it should be and the "hide" on the skull fades into dirt I'm sorry if people had hopes but this is definatly photoshoped

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What do you think the Native Americans down there would think of this photoshopped dog?

umm... didn't you read my post? :D Full blood Navajo here.

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A corpse of a canid -- fox or coyote, probably -- but with the image altered. The ridges ont its back look like ribs or vertabral ridges that have been stretched. The snout looks altered, as well.

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Interesting, you managed to take only One picture.

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Here's a video i received via e-mail today from Donald Gialanella.

Another animal with mange or something else ?

Here's a larger picture:


That picture has gone around alot and there is more than one story behind it,Dont know what it is but too many people claim that they took the picture,too many stories claim it to be in there country,Frankly it's boring.not to say this post was bad but it's just that too many people claim to have taken the picture and I don't believe any of them.Not a waste of time but a waste of story space.this picture has been on most paranormal sites including this one,It's not new but it keeps making it here like it is new. :sleepy:

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Nah Nah Nah its real I know I saw it! I raised it! His name was el Chopos and he was my friend and I find the mockery of his corpse an insult to my... ah.... who am I kidding. I just wanted to be different, this thing is fake as hell and is it me or is it missing its anus?

I don't make a habit of knowing these kind of morbidities but with decomposing K9's, isn't it their stomach and rear that rot first?

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its just an underweight animal who was ill and now dead


Thanks, we didn't notice that before.

And what animal was it according to you?

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Well obviously it is a wallaby-hyrax mutant hybrid with cybernetic enhancements to allow the New World Military Illuminati Templars to rule the world!!! Duh!!

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