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Yvette Fielding quits Most Haunted

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Did you ever see any of those live shows? how terrible were they!

Run time was suppose top be around lets say 4hours , they would do a wasteful hour with crap in the beggining , a good hour in the investigatins would start.

They would walk into a dark room and say 'anyone there?' .....'no ok well its back to the studio' , 20mins of more crap then 20mins adverts , in the whole 4hours you would get roughly a total of 30mins investigation LOL.

Also read the messages at the bottom that folks send in , there hysterical , so many crackpots around lol.

Finally when they do a solo sit in somewhere is rubbish , sorry but i cant remember where i saw this (it also had a clip) , they werent ever alone at all , as around the walls were a host of tv techs etc lol.

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I call the show 'most screamers', since that's all they ever did. :lol: Don't watch it anymore, too annoying, won't miss her at all. See Ya! :sleepy:

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