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Alex Stirs Up Searches, Fears

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I found this topic about Alex one of the names of hurricane that is likely turn out to be as well stirs up things for searchers.

by Mike Krumboltz

5 hours ago

Tropical Storm Alex is bearing down on the Gulf of Mexico. Experts expect it to hit land on Wednesday night, by which time Alex will likely have turned into a hurricane.

There is tremendous concern regarding the effect the storm could have on the oil spill's cleanup efforts. Also, as is always the case when natural disasters hit, there are huge worries about potential damage and loss of life. Below, some helpful links and resources for those who may find themselves in the storm's path.

How to track it

Web searches on "track hurricane alex" and "tropical storm tracker" are both through the roof. The best way to follow Alex is by checking in with the National Hurricane Center. This government-run site updates regularly when the storm is upgraded, downgraded, or changes speed or direction. CNN explains that the storm is currently predicted to hit land near the Mexico-Texas border. That's quite a distance away from the oil spill.

How will Alex affect the spill?

Nobody knows for sure, but BP told reporters that the storm wasn't expected to damage the company's oil capture systems. However, waves from the storm might delay the implementation of a third oil capture system. Nonessential employees have been evacuated.

Emergency preparedness

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention offers a surprisingly robust section on preparing for tropical storms and hurricanes. The site explains what supplies you'll want to have, including a 3-5 day supply of water and food, a first aid kit, prescription medicine, a battery-powered radio and flashlight, etc.

more about this link is below...

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