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Your Faith

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I was brought up a Catholic, but haved turned freelance these days.

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I was born and raised a Catholic, i attended Catholic school for 11 years, I HATED EVERY MINUTE! from the word go i didn't feel comfortable in that religion, it was never for me. To me it was too closed minded and resritcted ( sorry if i offend any Catholics, if it works for you thats great, but it truly wasn't for me.

I finally left school in May and was free to explore my own beliefs. Thats how i got into Spiritualism. You see, my grandma was a medium, and i'd spend hours talking to her about spirit until one day i decided i wanted to see things for myself. so i visited my local spiritualist church. As soon as i walked in i knew that this is the religion for me. It made so much sense! I was instantly hit my this overwhelming feeling of great love and light and i thought to myself 'why didn't i come here sooner?' i was getting hugs off total strangers and it felt like i'd finally 'come home' after years of searching!

Spiritualists have no specific creed or anything like that, but we do try to abide by the 7 principals, which are:

1.The fatherhood of God

2. The brotherhood of man

3.Eternal progress open to every soul

4. the continuous existance of every soul

5. compensation and retribution for all good and evil deeds done on earth

6. personal responsibility

7. The communication with spirits and the ministry of Angels

There are a few misconceptions about spiritualism which i would like to clear up now. Spiritualists are not evil, we do not worship the devil, we are not weird or strange or mentally unstable.

Spiritualists believe in a path of love and light. Its pretty much the religion of the afterlife and of love. Our mediums are not greedy money grabbers, nor our churches. In fact we don't pay the medium, the don't accept money . We don't pay for spiritual healing, development circle etc... everything is free. You can't say fairer than that, can you?

Spiritualists believe that when we die we go to the spirit world. The spirit world is not just one place, it's made up of many different spheres. The childrens sphere, the darker realms, realms of light etc.... Life doesn't stop. It is as real in the next world as it is in this. There are still churches in the next world, there are buildings, just like here, halls of music and learning, in fact if anyone would like to know more i strongly recomment the book 'Life in the world Unseen' by Antony Borgia.

We believe we are all spirit with a body, not the other way round and that God isn't a him or a her, god isn't a person, it's a higher power, a spiritual being.

This is my religion and i love it. I am open to knew ideas and i love you all, no matter what you are. Christian, Jewish, Hindu,atheist, pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, green with purle stripes and red dots... i can't think of any more... love and light always! Spirit xxxxx

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