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Word Definition

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Hey ya'll, after seeing how big of a take off "Sound alike words" has taken. I figured it was about time to make another game for you all. but this one is going to be a little bit tricky.

This one is called Word Definition.

The trick to this one is to think of the definition of a word. Then the next person must take a guess of what that word is. After that, if that person gets it wrong then the next person tries. But for every person that guesses at your definition and the word that goes with it, then you must provide a hint of what it is.

It can be anything just so long as the definition is the true definition.

Told ya, this is one is going to be tricky to figure out. but I'll be nice and give an example below:

"A Japanese sect of Mahayana Buddhism that aims at enlightenment by direct intuition through meditation"

"Is the word Peace?"

"No, this is a buddhist religious term."

"Is the word Zen?"

"Yes, correct!"

Remember for every miss a hint is to be given afterwards in order to help figure the word out. BUT ONCE WHO EVER GETS THAT DEFINITION AND THE WORD CORRECT THEN THEY START THE NEXT ROUND."

Have fun and looking forward to seeing how this one takes off. Feel free to send me a message on anythoughts on the game.

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