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Korreds & Pyrenees

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Anyone ever heard of Korreds or Pyrenees? They're supposedly able to make the standing stones in Cornwall walk about & dance & sing. Any info on them will be much appreciated!

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Here's a web page with information on "Korreds" :


Here's what it says about them:

Korreds are the faery guardians of the dolmens (stone altars) and standing stones of Celtic Brittany. Faery lore in France says that it was the Korreds themselves who brought the stones to Brittany and erected the.

They are frightening to look at, and they like it that way so that they can scare away humans who come to disturb the stone, who are on insincere spirtual quests, or who confuse spiritual enlightenment with personal power and ego boosting. These are the one of the very few faeries impervious to the grounding power of metal, which they are said to feed upon.

If you approach standing stones with reverence and an open mind and heart, you have nothing to fear from the Korreds.

I'll let you know if I find out anything about "Pyrenees".


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i have heard of somthing like that where people/creatures can move the giant stones and do tricks

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I found some stuff on Pyrenees

wink.gif it is:

The megaliths and standing stones of Cornwall have always been surrounded with legend and mystery, one such tale being that they can rise up and walk, dance, and sing. Whether this is because of some ancient spell or from some sentient energy, such as that of a Pyrenee, living inside them is unknown.

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