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Still Waters

'Blade' of water that can cut through steel

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Still Waters
A device that shoots a blade of water capable of penetrating steel is to be used in Afghanistan to help soldiers disable improvised explosive devices, or IEDs.

The Stingray was developed by Sandia National Laboratories and 3,000 of the gadgets are heading out to U.S. soldiers in the region this year.

Stingrays are filled with water and an explosive material that - when detonated - creates a shockwave that travels through the water and speeds it up, creating a thin, powerful blade of water capable of penetrating steel.

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I worked at a company that had a "water knife" used for cutting rubber about 12 years ago. This is not to new of technology. I wonder though about what they describe as a small explosion to speed up the water stream. Interesting anyway.

I wonder why they need an exotic water pistol to take out IEDs, when you can do the same thing with one shot of a 50 cal, which we already have thousands of and everyone knows how to use. IMHO, the main problem is not disabling the IEDs, but finding them before they go off. They can probably be set off by throwing rocks at them from 50 meters away behind a wall.

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