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Against the War in Iraq?


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Stellar I am 30

and I have been through all you asked before. when I get home from work I will once again post the relevant information for you to read. of course there are some "proofs" I can not post as they are not from the internet. However I will do my best.

might I suggest you have a look at the global domination thread.....there at least is one of the things you are arguing with me about. the PNAC website. please note the people who support PNAC and who founded it, are also in office at the moment.

I really do hope you are going to read this, and will read with an open mind all that I will come back here and post for you, otherwise it is going to be VERY disappointing to do all that work and have someone who is so set in their ways not pay any attention at all and not even think for a moment, that the people out there who are finding information about Bush, who are researching, who are trying to HELP america by showing the lies you have been fed, are in fact doing you a favour.

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I will read anything you have to offer on the proof side, about Bush, Nightbird.

With an open mind.. wink2.gif

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america has a dictator (I call him that becuase people who say they dont like him are arrested, presummably on HIS authority,

When did he do this? And, to whom?

america's president appears to be emotionally unstable, america's president is slowly killing of his own people with his tax cuts and welfare denials,

This is a bit extreme, is it not??

if Saddam had continued to kill people, and began to practise genocide, then I am pretty sure he woudl be asking for an invasion then, but an invasion for the sole purpose of liberating...NOT the invasion we have seen where our bullets and bombs have done more damage than good.

Saddam, has never stopped killing innocent people. Whether by his hand, or the hand of his minions. Ever heard of 'Chemical Ali'? Well he was as close to practicing genocide, as anyone ever has. Read up on him. Read up on the tortures that Saddam's two sons have done. All under their father's watchful eye.

Now, I am not saying that Michael Moore doesn't have the right to put out in the public whatever he wishes. I am all for it. I am always up for learning new things. But, it is always best to not get carried away and look beyond any one's reasons for doing such. He didn't walk into this film in an attempt to get the the 'truth' whatever that may be. He went in with the sole intent on showing Bush and his administration in a particular way. With that being said, you should always put things into the proper context, and not fall prey to someone else's ideas. (Since most of what people here are saying is that Bush is telling you how to think, live, and what to believe) Michael Moore is doing much of the same things, just under a different guise.


Go reese!!!!! You rock girl!

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Lol sorry but I was still frustrated with a guy on another forum who was talking about how the US government used holographic planes to fly into the WTC and pentagon, and then planted bombs exploded, and then the US used beam weapons, and then the actual planes were exploded laugh.gif

that's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard in my life.

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