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Shaolin Punk

A Profound Psi Experience

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Hey Shaolin Punk , thank you so much for relieving my pre-exam stress by posting this ridiculous argument.

So, first things first. You can `heal' people using your `chakra' , but you can't even control which direction a paper wheel turns? Albeit a paper wheel that moves with the slightest of effort

Secondly, `My chi can't penetrate a glass bowl'. I've been on this forum for 3 years specifically looking out for threads like this. First time seeing this excuse.

Thirdly, you realize that even moving your hands slightly BEHIND a partition can still cause movements in air currents. Hence the reason why most people require a demonstration of you doing it from a distance AND with the wheel in a glass bowl. Reason is that the heat from your hands can still cause convection currents within the glass bowl.

IF you can control the direction of the wheel from a distance with the wheel in a glass bowl. Then perhaps, you would be worth looking into, and we might actually believe you. After all, weren't you here to `debunk the debunkers'?

Until then, you're just someone, a really sad someone who just got insulted by a 16 year old who is pretty much amused by this thread and your response to the others.

Edited for grammar.

Edited by Max.L

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Actually i think i did quite well. Ner ner

quite well with what exactly? i seriously doubt you fooled anyone here. ner ner B)

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