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The Kelly-Hopkinsville 'Goblins' Encounter

Still Waters

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If there are thousands of other worlds it makes sense some would be more interested in the earth then others. Who knows what happened that night. Talking about this story makes it easy to laugh off ufos though.

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I've always been ambivalent about this case. On the one hand, the "goblins" never seemed to make any kind of aggressive gesture, yet these folks can't think of anything better to do than shoot them in the face. On the other hand, the silver monkey explanation is just plain stupid. I'm fairly sure if it was an owl somebody would have found a few dead owls on the property that night. So, I dunno.

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I totally believe this story. We were having a discussion last night about how Native Americans couldn't see the Spanish ships when they first arrived because they had no reference that such things existed. I think it's exactly like that with UFOs. People have no reference point for such things so they just don't see them.

How can you say that when we all watch Sci Fi movies? What do you mean? We have plenty of reference points for such things.

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"Native Americans couldn't see the Spanish ships"


Apparently some American Indians couldn't see ships. They would look out to see and simply not see them. Imagine the elder medicine man, pointing and saying 'Look at those things' and the rest of the tribe standing there, saying 'What things, we just see the ocean."

Apparently some couldn't even see a locomotive thundering right past in front of them.

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This one really feels like owls to me.

First, look at the drawings of the creatures at the Wikipedia entry:


The pointed "ears" are clearly owls' wings. The "nose" is clearly a beak. The eyes are about what owls' eyes would look like in the dark and they do reflect yellow light.

Second, they said the creatures always had their claw-like hands up in the air. This is of course where owls will have their claw-like talons.

Third, their "ears" were flopping when they moved. This is also how an owl moves when flying.

Fourth, they said they found one creature "perched" on the awning over a porch. Owls perch.

Fifth, one creature grabbed at the man's hair with "talons". This is how owls will defend their nests and territory.

Sixth, they moved with "a hip-swaying motion". When owls fly slowly, their bodies will sway back and forth as their wings move.

Seventh, the creatures were seen "floating" above the ground instead of walking. Of course that's what owls do.

I've come across owls at night while hiking. They're unlike any other animal. They're surprisingly large and sometimes have no fear of man. You can point a flashlight at them and they'll stare right back at you -- you'll wonder if they're even alive. If they think you're a threat they'll swoop down at you. They're as close to aliens as you'll find on Earth.

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Great story!

I especially like the "silver monkey" explanation.

"In 1957, Air Force Major John E. Albert concluded that the case resulted from the witnesses observing a monkey painted with silver that had escaped from a circus."


You think the Major was serious?


And a bullet-proof monkey, at that!

Hmmm...maybe he could levitate, too!

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