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Keepin Technology In perspective

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Modern technology is a wonderful thing in my assesment but

I also feel that the potential for dehumanization, depersonalization,

and dependence often outweigh it's benefits.

The question to ask yourself is where does your life fit in the

equation? Are you a slave to modern technology or do you

use it's advantages to your advantage.

Anything can be taken to far if allowed. Everytime a new

form of tech. is invented (usually for the betterment of mankind

with good intentions)...we all know what the road to hell is paved

with... there is always someone willing to develope insidious

applications from the tech. The modern technology is not wrong

or evil in and of itself but only the applications it can provide;

the same as guns do not kill people... people kill people. You

take away the guns and people will still murder people. Always

have... always will. With that said, I do not fear modern tech

as a principle but as a potentially intrusive necessity that has

the capability to bite if taken apathetically.

You dont need to live in a bubble, run to the hills, or throw

your computer away (although there would be enrichment to

be found, and has by many people who finally woke up to

what was around them) but take everything with moderation.

I would be happier if people were at least aware of the potentially

dehumanizing applications modern tech can pose and still did

nothing to modify their lifestyle than to not recognize this at all.

It's often the snake you don't see that bites you.

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Yes, and the size of the snakes are getting ever smaller, and our ability to be aware of them gets harder and harder. MIT is working on recon flies with Av pickup. Gives new meaning to "the fly on the wall" comments. Knowledge unfortunately will always be a two edged sword.

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