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Transcendent texts

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Most literate religions usually have some text as a reference. Shamans have various forms of grimoires, the Hindi and Buddhists have the Vedas, Sutras, Upanishads, and Gitas, the regional kingdoms have regional forms of The Book of the Dead, the kingdoms also kept their collections of what we call pantheons and myths today, the Jews/Hebrews have their Tanakh, Midrash, and other commentaries, and so on, and so on. What makes these texts so unique? Why is not anything out of the "cannon"s of religion embewed and endoud with similar abilities to affect souls, spirits, and more?

How does stone, wood, cloth, paper, and other media go from just being media to being media with spiritually more? How does media bridge the gap between the natural and the supernatural? Why are some religious more powerful when copied onto similar media while others only respond to reading them aloud?

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