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Evidence of Precognition?

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d e v i c e

Man's mind can predict a very small amount of the future with certainty eg. the sun will rise, I will be hungry, the birds and the animals will be here, people will be born and some will die, etc. But the Universal Mind 'knows' much, much more. And it is this mind which mans mind is also part of. So when mans mind and the Universal Mind are in harmony, very amazing things can occur. Very amazing things.

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Bendy Demon

I am not a scientist and I won't pretend to be one but after watching the videos, especially the animated one..I can't help but think that electrons are NOT matter at all but simply bits of energy that react to their surroundings in a manner that is far different from what the water did in that experiment.

I really cannot buy into the concept that electrons somehow know they are being observed and decided to act differently so the only thing my lizard brain can conclude is that electrons are very sensitive and when subjected to environments that disrupt their energy patterns they become more sensitive/erratic OR the experiment and/or the conclusions are flawed.

If the electrons supposedly change their energetic patterns because they are being observed then this should hold true for other things like water or sand. After all, doesn't all matter contain electrons? And since we can't help but observe things in our everyday life then the very nature of our world would have to change on a whim because they are being "observed" which means that this alone would make our world very unstable and unreliable.

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