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Haunting experience in Camino, Ca.

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Nancy Bradley: Spirits following you down a country lane, a hand touching your shoulder from behind. Ghosts swishing past you as you climb the stairs to enter the old house. As investigations go, this one would prove to be one to remember. I was originally asked to explore this old house by long time friend Joey M. He had experienced several strange occurrences in the house, but his personal main concern was the backyard. When he went into the yard he consistently fell ill, so was avoiding that area. He stated “My roommate Justin’s younger brother Kevin lives in the house behind ours, the one we are asking you to come and investigate. Every single time I go into his yard, I get an uneasy feeling. The first time I went back there, I thought I had Lime disease because I got vertigo so badly I was down for a few hours before I could drive. Every single time since then (4 total), I have felt uneasy, and the further into the yard I go the more it happens...I don’t know if it’s paranormal or just the way the light cascades through the trees or something, but it is strange that I cannot be back there without feeling that way.” And then he asked, “When you’re up here to investigate the house, it might be worth the extra five minutes to just walk through the yard? No other reports of problems over there, just me...”

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Lots of haunted places on Camano Island. In the 80's I was told a pretty frightening story about a group of cabins that were being used as a bed and breakfast (also dating back to the same era as the ones in this article). A couple of my parents friends had stayed in one of these cabins for thier honey moon, this was about 85 or 86, and they were kept up all night by something walking, or should I say stomping on the roof, and also pounding on the back wall of the cabin and in the morning the locked door knob being jiggled back and forth. Locals say it is unrestful indigenous spirits.

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