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Ex-CIA spy: "help Iran topple regime"

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Oh yes Sir.. you are right but who wrote that history which you are telling me ? We do not live as before, is possible to demonstrate that most European historians only wrote what they wanted for their countries and to give benefit to their countries.i understand that because their countries people had nothing to eat, were poor and needed to colonize these countries for profit.

It's like what happened between the British and Indians in India or in Africa! the story lies a lot and I can not believe the lies.

Thank you for your reply .

But the link I posted wasn't written by historians, it was written by the military as a report to the Secretary of State for War. It is a contemporary account of what happened during the campaign, not a distortion of facts to influence an ideology.

And to make things clear, all I'm posting is merely a history of events - I am not attacking the Iranian people, or the country itself.

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Very dear Sir,lp21why

Is the same...I respect to your proof and i am just telling you..I can not accept this. I have my principles, my beliefs, my views on this.

Thank you and God bless all good people .

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