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Pompeii skeletons reveal secrets of Roman

Still Waters

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The remains of the Roman town of Pompeii destroyed by a volcanic eruption in AD79 continue to provide intriguing and unexpected insights into Roman life - from diet and health care to the gap between rich and poor.

The basement storeroom under a large agricultural depot in the little suburb of Oplontis was full of pomegranates.To many of the Pompeiians trying to find shelter from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, it must have seemed strong and safe.

About 50 people took cover there. We know they did because archaeologists in the 1980s found their skeletons, well preserved.

They were overwhelmed by the volcanic debris and burning gases in the very place where they hoped they would be saved.

We know how these poor people died and we know what killed them. But these skeletons can also tell us fascinating things about how the people in Pompeii actually lived.

There are some very simple surprises.

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Finally the charge of sysphis coming from American natives can be put to rest it was in Europle long before the 15th century thou I have heard of it going back to the 7th century BC on the BBC years ago I have also heard the East Asian skelltens being found at Herclanium perhaps from China. One awaits new surpises from Pompeii in the future.

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Poor Pompeians. It seems like they were a very advanced civilisation for the time.

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I saw a documentary saying that, because people knew next to nothing about volcanoes in those times, that even when Mt Vesuvius was erupting hard out, most, if not all Pompeiians just went about their day as normal. No evacuation plans you see. That's why there's no record of anybody having survived. Sad.

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