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I can see all the videos now......don't know what was going on last night..... :D

So we will never know. Assange himself probably doesn’t know for sure how much he was assisted and by whom and especially why.

More I’m trying to connect things and reach some sort of conclusion, more contradictory I sound to myself.

But I’m grateful to Wikileaks for publishing hilarious opinions of diplomats about my part of the world. Sloppy, misinformed, biased and outright wrong… I just hope no one took them seriously.

Edit: If you just started reading this thread, there are interesting links on the previous page.

thanks......this drama has a long way to run and I think we just have to run with it at

the moment and conclusions will be easier as more cables are released and the fall out from the

releases start to bite...?

Except, no. The money's going back into the website, and to pay for his current and future legal fees.

Julian Assange to use £1m book deals for legal fight

cheers for that clarification.....

I'm away for a few days....will pick up on this thread when I get back


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U.S. subpoenas WikiLeaks' Twitter account

LONDON — U.S. officials have issued a subpoena to demand details about WikiLeaks' Twitter account, the group announced Saturday, adding that it suspected other American Internet companies were also being ordered to hand over information about its activities.

In a statement, WikiLeaks said U.S. investigators had gone to the San Francisco-based Twitter Inc. to demand the private messages, contact information and other personal details of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and other supporters, including the U.S. Army intelligence analyst suspected of handing classified information to the site and a high-profile Icelandic parliamentarian.


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The funny thing is no matter what happens to Assange he always wins. Because if he is not caught he's able to continue distributing painful information, but if he gets caught the code to the uncensored version of wikileaks (wich thousands of people have already downloaded) will be made public and everyone will be able to view and distribute the information.

Nice plan don't you think?

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@ conspiracybeliever.....cheers for that..imagine the vast number of legal people employed to

work on all this...extra tough for them as they are trying to 'shut the stable door after the horse has bolted' lol

@ Constantine Brittania....yeah nice plan... :) their only refuge is damage limitation now..that and trying

to make an example of Assange. I agree..that Assange/WikiLeaks is in a strong position what-ever happens

Assange: 'Our work continues'



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latest from WikiLeaks on Twitter




'First Wikileaks Revolution': Tunisia descends into anarchy as president flees after cables reveal country's corruption

Although there has long been opposition to the corrupt rule of President Ben Ali, protests gathered pace when US embassy cables were published by Wikileaks.


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