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Still Waters

Your Xmas dinner has travelled 260,000 miles

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Still Waters
A Christmas dinner could have travelled the equivalent of more than ten times around the world before ending up on the plate, research has revealed.

Many ingredients on sale in supermarkets have made journeys of thousands of miles, and a full dinner may have travelled an astonishing 263,235 miles.

The circumference of the Earth is 24,902 miles.

The Daily Mail looked at items used in a starter, main course, pudding, nibbles, drinks and decorations.

Frozen turkeys were available which come from Brazil, 5,319 miles away.

Baby carrots were found which had travelled 5,631 miles from South Africa, and green beans had come from Egypt – 2,230 miles away.

The pudding and brandy butter plus mince pies and mixed nuts could add another 66,000 miles.

And the spices alone may have come nearly a third of the way across the globe, with nutmeg from Indonesia travelling 7,278 miles and the mixed spice 6,000 miles from Sri Lanka.

When you raise a glass of Bucks Fizz, be sure to toast its 4,190-mile journey.

The cheese board can be another shocker, as Canadian cheddar has travelled 3,499 miles and the grapes 5,631 miles from South Africa.

Add on 10,000 miles for tinsel and paper napkins from China and you will be reaching for a stiff rum that has come more than 4,000 miles from Puerto Rico.

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