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Still Waters

'Banana Smash' a New Year's Eve Tradition

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Still Waters
Most New Year's Eve traditions involve alcohol, but for a growing number of people, smashing a banana is the most appealing way to ensure the New Year will be fruitful.

This bizarre tradition is officially called "the Banana Smash" and, according to organizer John Podeszwa, has been around since 1992, when a few folks in Minnesota came up with the fruity concept.

"It began on Xerxes Avenue South in Minneapolis as a good way to do away with all the bad juju from the previous year," Podeszwa told AOL News. "I came up with the idea of writing the date on a banana, but the ceremony was conceived by me and two friends: Joe Weismann and Craig Gooder.

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Strange. I prefer to celebrate the old fashioned way. Get really drunk and hope I

don't remember it in the morning.

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Helen of Annoy

Why not, sounds like fun...

Heres a new New Year tradition in my country: LOTR on the HTV1 (national TV station) :D Not necessarily on the New Years Eve, but within few days. This year its about to start in half an hour.

Edit: Lord of the Rings, in case there's someone on the Internet unfamiliar with the LOTR acronym. Hard to believe, but everything is possible, right?

Edited by Helen of Annoy

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