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Disembodied Voice

What Haunts your town/city?

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we got a cemetary thats supposed to be haunted. been there several times and most of the sitings are from a crazy old man whose wife was buried there. he used to chase people with his truck after they left and he'd run outa the woods to scare the hell outa people lol.


we also had a paranormal investigation done in old town on Hamilton street which is a bunch of old buildings from the mid to late 1800's


unfortunately this only ran a few days and was sold out so i didn't get to see it

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Here's a couple of mine:

5 Sister Lakes - "There is a chain of lakes called the five sisters. Each lake is named after the five sisters in a family that once lived there in the 1900s. All of the sisters had disappeared one by one when they turned nineteen. The people searched everywhere for the girls and they soon found them. There was a sister in each lake. All of the girls had been raped and murdered. The killer was never found. Each lake was named after a sister. At night on each of the sisters' birthdays, their screams can be heard and their bodies can be seen floating in the lakes. The names and dates of the sisters' birthdays are Jane-February 17th, Mary-June 30th, Helen-May 2nd, Carol July 18th, and Catharine-October 24th."

Molly's Rock - "A ghost by the name of Molly haunts the rock and every time someone drives by the rock, there is a halo resting above. If someone were to go onto the rock and either be drinking or drunk, story has it that Molly will scream out a long screeching noise and say, "get off my rock" and the person will get pushed off."

St. Josephs Cemetery - "When you walk through St. Josephs cemetery there is whispering in the darkness beckoning people to come near but no one is to be seen."

I've been to the cemetery quite a few times, and one of the few strange things I've experienced happened there. Other than these places, I don't live very far from the Paulding Light which is by far the most famous around here.

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I'm lucky to live in what is reputed to be the most haunted village in Britain - Pluckley in the County of Kent. Our 'local tourist industry' is the supernatural, especially at Halloween time! Here are some of our 'attractions'.....

A phantom coach and horses, allegedly manifesting in the vicinity of Maltman's Hill;

The ghost of a Gypsy woman who burned to death in her sleep;

The black ghost of a miller haunting the ruins of a windmill near "The Pinnocks";

The hanging body of a schoolmaster in Dicky Buss's Lane;

A colonel who hanged himself in Park Wood;

The screaming ghost of a man being smothered by a wall of clay at the brickworks;

The Lady of Rose Court, who is said to have eaten poisoned berries in despair over a love triangle;

The Phantom Monk of "Greystones", a house built in 1863. There is a suggestion he may have been the unrequited love object of the Lady of Rose Court;

The White Lady of Dering, a young woman apparently buried inside 7 coffins and an oak sarcophagus who haunts the churchyard of St. Nicholas's Church;

A 'ragged boy' and a lady in a dark red dress, in Jack's Court; (My house)

The Red Lady, reputedly an earlier member of the same ancient Dering family who also haunts St Nicholas'. The legend of the Red and White Ladies seem to overlap. A third ghost has apparently also been reported in the same place.

The Screaming Woods (Dering Wood), an area of forest outside of town supposedly haunted by the ghosts of many who became lost in the woods. It was given its name because you can supposedly still hear their screams from inside the forest at night.

Three other buildings in the village are also said to be haunted.

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