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Disembodied Voice

Breathing under Water

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2 minutes ago, joc said:

Just a thought...what if we all taught our children that we are all fully human...and that 'human-ness' is what makes us special....


:tu: Double like.

It's what I taught my youngest who has the same disorder.

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12 hours ago, Anonymous Girl said:

Like it or lump it. I like that. I'll have to use that sometime. And I'm not saying that I'm... fully human??? Oh jeez, that sounds completely insane, even just typing it. If I do feel something go wrong, I won't try it again. I'll be as careful as I can.

P.S. My friend calls me a freak of nature because of some crazy weird things I've done around her. But I'm not going into detail on that. That's for another topic. Heh.

Oh, and thanks for all the help you all are trying to give me, instead of just saying that I'm insane.

Rest assured, you are indeed 100% fully human. It might not feel like it sometimes, but you are. And humans can't breathe underwater- we simply don't have the body parts required to process oxygen out of water. Human lungs are actually rather sensitive to fluid, it only takes a little water to drown. And drowning can happen even after a water event that takes water into the lungs- it's a phenomena called "dry drowning". Again, I strongly suggest you don't even try it- just don't.

And I don't think you are crazy. I do think you are entertaining a gross error in judgement due to a lack of knowledge about human physiology and putting too much stock in fictional notions.

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Maybe the childish fertile imagination made you think you could.

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Anonymous Girl
Posted (edited)

Okay, I am done posting after this. I explained what happened, twice, and I don't know if I can do it again. I understand you are all trying to explain that it's not possible, but I did do it. It's not my imagination. You can't believe me because you haven't witnessed it. Sorry I posted in the first place. I thought I'd find others like me. But I didn't. I don't think I ever will. Peole call me a freak for a reason, I guess. I'm not like you. Sounds crazy. I know. Goodbye. (No, I'm not going to die. I'm just leaving this forum.)

Edited by Anonymous Girl

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I remember as a seven-year-old in the sea, thinking, how do we know we can't breathe underwater? Maybe it hasn't been tried before! So I tried...after coughing up water and mildly choking for a few minutes after, I decided they were right.

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