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Twins and synchronicity

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William B Stoecker: Most of us like to imagine that we enjoy free will, but we cannot even clearly define the term. Certainly, our freedom is limited by a multitude of factors such as laws, economics, the need to earn a living, age, and health. We can imagine a universe where at least a fair degree of free will is possible, or one where everything is fixed and our future cannot be changed and we are little more than biological robots. But in between the extremes is the possibility that free will exists but is limited by synchronicity. Synchronicity was defined by Carl Gustav Jung and Arthur Koestler as a non-causal tendency for similar events, objects, and people to cluster together in time and space. Koestler, in particular, cited numerous examples of clustering so statistically improbable that they virtually proved the existence of synchronicity. I have written of synchronicity as it applies to UFO encounters, and especially to Roswell.

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Very interesting article , however , there must be a lot of people born at exactly the same time in the same city , may be the same hospital , that no Synchronicity exist between . But this whole subject raises an interesting question about heart transplants .

With identical twins from a single egg the answer is quite simple if you believe in the theory of creation ....

But if you believe that your grandparents ( many times removed) were hairy chested Apes , then what goes on inside your mind would be a complete mystery to me , but you may call it 'Free Will'.

For those who believe in creation and reincarnation what happens before birth is quite simple , you in spirit form sit down with your spirit guides and go over all the experiences that you've already had , in past lifetimes , and those you're yet to have , and you choose the experiences (lessons to learn) that you want in this lifetime . This is why meditation works , we already know what we've put our hand up for .

With the identical twin the egg starts off as one with one life form within , that already contains the knowledge of those experiences agreed upon , and then the fertilized egg splits in half , now we have two life forms sharing that same knowledge of those agreed upon experiences already chosen , what could be simpler ?

So in a way we are only 'Biological Robots' doing what has to be done to reach our paradise . What other reason is there for our existence in human form ?

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