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Still Waters

'Brain retuning' cure for tinnitus

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Still Waters
The condition, which affects one in 10 of the elderly, is caused when the brain overreacts to hearing damage and produces constant "phantom" sounds.

Hundreds of thousands of Britons suffering from tinnitus which causes incessant ringing in the ears could be cured by "retuning" part of the brain, scientists have discovered.

At present there is no cure but scientists believe it could be eliminated by tricking the brain into switching off the imaginary ringing.

By electrically stimulating the vagus nerve – a large nerve running from the head and neck to the abdomen – at the same time as playing sounds tuned to specific frequencies, they banished tinnitus – at least in rats.

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Star of the Sea

Thanks for that 'Sill Waters' I suffer with tinnitus and it's awful!

Edited by Star of the Sea

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