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Demolition Derby (Game)

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This could be fun. Lets see if it works.

Alright, here's the scenario. It's a dystopian future, not far from now. A small section of a city has been walled off for gladiatorial games. The main event is the demolition derby.

This is sort of like a strategy, role-playing game. The more you post, and the more descriptive you are, the better you'll do. For instance, if you write that you are being chased, you can not use a weapon that fires forward.


Everybody starts off, in a section of the map of their choosing, with 100 points. If you lose all of your points, you're out of the game.

It is possible to give another member some of your points. The number of points is determined by you, but you obviously lose the points.

Each member can start off with one weapon of their choosing, which can only be used once.

Every car has the same speed, so outrunning an opponent is impossible.

Two cars hitting head-on will cause equal damage to both cars.

Anything that takes time to accomplish means that you have to set up the scenario, then leave it open. You then can not post until 1 other member posts. For instance, if you are planning to hit someone from far away, you say something along the lines of "I build up speed to hit Tom", and stop there. Then "Tom" is given a chance to get away, as long as he is the next to post. If "Tom" does not post by then, you can continue the scenario. Messaging "Tom" is appreciated for fairness.

Going from one section of the map to another takes time.

Hitting anyone from close up takes 5 points from the victim and goes to the attacker.

Hitting anyone from far away is 10 points, but this takes time.

Getting 50 points (on top of the original 100) allows you to "buy" a new weapon with those 50 points. When you buy the weapon, remember to deduct the appropriate points.

Everything else around this is pretty open.


(Most weapons cause 15 to 20 point damage, others do not cause damage but will help the player in some way, they can only be used once per buy, and takes time) Some weapons cause damage to vehicles infront of yours (machine gun), and others cause damage to vehicles behind yours (spikes). Their purposes can not be reversed (using a machine gun on someone behind you).

Speed Boost (causes 15 point damage to opponent, a "natural" speed boost can be acheived by driving downhill)

Spikes (dropped from behind car, causes 15 point damage)

Grenades (dropped from behind car, causes 20 point damage)

Machine Guns (Fires, forward, on hood, causes 15 point damage)

Rockets (Fires, forward, from hood, causes 20 point damage)

Smoke (causes no damage, but allows you to escape to another, nearby, section of map)

Glue (causes no damage but slows down any opponent coming at you at high speed, causing less damage)

Special- Can not be picked as one of your first weapons (300 points)

Air Strike (prompts an air strike that will cause 15 point damage to every member but yourself)

Please remember to add your points and whatever weapons you have on the top left of your posts, so that everyone can keep track.

Here's the Map layout.

North: Hills- Steep terrain, slows down car driving up hill (causing less damage), cliffs to the north east and north west, pushing opponent off cliffs is possible but takes time, driving down hill gives natural speed boost and causes more damage to opponent.

West: City Streets- Two lane streets laid out like a grid, good for building speed to ram opponent, thinner street makes turning around take time.

Center of Town: Garage- For repairs. If you are damaged enough and decide to go to the garage, any member in the same location as you can attack you, if they are the next to post after you. Going to the garage takes time. Each visit to the garage returns your points to 100.

East: Park- Open area, good for "sandbox" battles.

South: Junk Yard- Full of past derby losers, trashed cars stacked on top of each other, maze like layout (good for hiding, but hinders speed), pushing stack of cars onto opponent is possible but takes time.

Following the terrain rules of the section you're in should affect play.

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100 points


I'll start. I begin in the south and head west.

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