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Are we to become aliens ?

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about the losing hair thingie, note that early cavemen did not go bald when they reached the appropriate age to.

I used to think Aslan was just coming down hard on you uranium, but it seems well justified.

You state that as fact, but to say it is would be utter nonsense. There is no way that you could possibly know that, there is no way that any anthropologist could know that. Even if you claim to have proof and posted a link, it would be from someone unreputable or a heavily guarded statement that you repeat as truth.

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Uranium, why do you hate reptilians? You talk about them like you have seen them. Hmmmmm, I am going to let this go for now, but watch out... You may be leaning yourself close to a tongue lashing, Internet style. (Must I beg for school to start one more time?) Oh please, please, please............ clap.gif


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i have not seen them before, or any other aliens when i was in a concious state. i saw the thing about neanderthals not balding on discovery channel, but if it is not a fact, which you all are claiming, then i must assume that the dc was stating a theory, not a fact of science...

(2 weeks, one day till my school comes back)

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that is a very interesting article, anyone have any color photos of these "Dropa" or better photos of the disks?

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