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2012 - and man shall walk as machine ?

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Nigel Kerner: ‘Transhumanism’ is a term that has become a euphemism that has been assimilated into our vocabulary such that it shocks no longer. It would seem perfectly natural that we follow the next ‘evolutionary’ step towards the survival of the fittest and convert ourselves into an information field that never breaks down or decays. No need for physical bodies that break down and die, we can reconstruct our virtual self in electronic form and go on forever. Or can we?

Ray Kurzweil believes the exponential growth of artificial intelligence, biotechnology and nanotechnology means that before 2050 his consciousness and identity - can be copied and uploaded into a non-biological form transcending biology and achieve the dream of immortality.

All this flows from Kurzweil's Law of Accelerating Returns, a generalization of Moore's Law, which predicts ongoing exponential growth of key technologies. What this means, Kurzweil writes, is that "...we won't experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century - it will be more like 20,000 years of progress (at today's rate)."

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The Unseen

Now this is what I call a post,My god man I never thought this subject would never come up.

Wow where do I start? Could it be that I being a believer in God still want to live a long life in a how you say"BIO BODY".Is it right to want to live tens of thousands of years morally ?

I can also see that it might make the creator"GOD" angry that I did not keep my body in his "IMAGE". What lets say,What would happen if he comes back "RAPTURE" and finds me in a state not born in "ORIGINAL STATE", Would he pass me by ?

Also would life or the creation of life stop due to everyone being suited into a bio body,and when I say "creation of life" I mean Procreation and not cloning.I figure there would be a need for it but like you said would it be allowed too happen.

I feel that the only way to keep ones mind and memory would be to transplant the brain ,but what about the soul?would it follow the brain being trans planted?Doesn't the soul reside in the heart" what about all the people who have "ART HEARTS".Did they lose there soul in process?

Would one also get tired of living that long,would the human mind be strong enough to handle such a long life?I would be willing to try,still would God allow it even if my bio body failed and I did pass would he allow me to enter the kingdom of Heaven or would he send me to hell in a blink of his eye?I want to think yes .Would he anger at how I would try to extend my life force here on this planet he created being I would have over stayed my welcome.Being that he would know what I was going to do the second I was created and even before then would he still except me for doing so.

I would like to read more into this subject and follow what you think and see if my weak mind can come to a conclusion myself.I am so interested in this and your thoughts.GREAT POST,VERY VERY INTERESTING.

Edited by The Unseen

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