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Swearing in The Holy Bible


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Hey, I never even knew you rode a bike. Im sure you'll get the hang of it soon :devil:

I havent been on a bike since I was 14..I loved it...but when I was a child learning.. man did I fall off many times...never bothered me..just like the amount of times I fell of my skateboard..I picked myself up and went again lol...

If I were to get on a bike now.. I know I will handle it well... the saying is true - you never forget how to ride a bike

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Calling someone a son of a b**** is an insult...to the dog :lol:

Haha right enough :w00t:

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I just wanted to point out the king james version was re-written by his scholars to fit what he thought it should be. There are many mistakes found in it.

As for profane language, the words themselves aren't inherently evil, it's the context they are used in.

In essence any word can be used as profane or as a curse word.

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Different definitions from different times.

Curse words were bad because you were supposedly wishing a "curse" on someone..."D@mn you" is wishing d@mnation on someone. "Go to H*LL is cursing someone to be sent to H*LL"...those are curse words...even "**** you" would be a curse...sorta.

"Swearing" is in modern times associated with profanity but used to mean something totally different...it was considered bad form to loosely swear oaths...if you "swore" a lot you probably didn't take your oath (promise) serious.

profanity is any word considered socially unacceptable or heathen... not necessarily sexually based though most of them are.

So you found some words in the bible that people prefer not to hear in civilized gatherings or around children?....woo-hoo! good job! :tu:

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