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Obama Furious With Hillary State Department

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Raptor Witness

Bear with me OP, because I'm about to show you something that very few people know about, or even imagined was possible ... It's a warning from this very forum, about what is happening in the Middle East right now. The post at the bottom, is that "crack" in the ground I was referring to.

It won't matter what department took what side when these uprisings began, because very soon the entire Middle East will be staring U.S. in the face, covered with innocent blood.

Let me repeat that for anyone who didn't quite "get it" .... covered in innocent blood from HEAD to TOE.

[bahrain plans $70m US arms deal] - 15 November 2010 - Arabianbusiness.com


Bahrain plans to buy $70m worth of missiles from the US in a bid to counter major regional threats, the US Department of Defence has said,

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), a unit of the Department of Defence, said in a statement to Congress that Bahrain plans to buy 30 missile units, the latest in a Gulf-wide boom of military deals .... cont. at link above.


Here's why it won't matter who took what side, AFTER these uprisings began.

Would it help if I spoke to the graves of all those who are buried at Arlington, cracking open the ground so that the stench could rise up to your nostrils?

Would you then ask, by what authority have you been given to do this, and say to all these dead, go back to your graves so that we may breathe?

If you can, leave the United States ... as if you were fleeing from a whirlwind of fire.

... Immediately but quietly suspend all weapon sales from our soil, abroad. Forget the influence it gives you. Find something else to sell the world to replace the weapons of violence. Take a financial hit on this, even if it costs you thousands of jobs. You will be repaid later, handsomely. If you do this, God will return to your side and fight with and for you. If you fail to do this, He will destroy you as surely as the sun rises in the East and sets on the West. It's your choice. If you make the correct one, it won't matter if the rest of the world goes to Hell.

Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has dominated the global arms market, in terms of the value of arms transfer agreements and in arms deliveries.

Now, consider carefully what lies at the heart of this picture, and remember ....

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Raptor Witness

I'm sorry I seemed to have killed this thread OP, but the underlying point I wanted to make is that it's probably too late for the Obama Administration to take the people's side in the Middle East. It helps that he's African American, and that his father was a Muslim, but the West's position has been reversed by Higher Power.

That reversal of the wind, literally took place in the blink of an eye, right here, and while many here may have thought I was just jibber jabbering about [hurricane Ike being a clue] to this puzzle, it's actually the same exact point both President Eisenhower and I have been making. You can't be the world's policeman, and have a gun manufacturing plant in the back half of the precinct. That p***es off the Divinity alluded to on that dollar bill, big time, because He doesn't want to be a part of it.

So here's that reversal, which underlines why it may already be too late to do what I asked back in 2006(P.80,) and why White House bickering between departments, is pointless.

If you really want to read these tea leaves, just throw them up into the air.

Published - June 27, 2008 - Post 4

"I often tell stories [here] with photos and pictograms. These form the basis of a serious political argument.

["It is time,"P.17] Father. The times of the Gentiles, are over."


When are they over?

Published - December, 10 2010 - Post 8


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