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Keel M.

'Crossroads' unearthed at Boston College

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Keel M.
BOSTON — Around 165 A.D., Christians, Jews and pagans lived and worshiped side by side in a cosmopolitan city called Dura-Europos by the Euphrates River on the frontier of the Roman Empire.

Located in modern-day Syria, it housed a Roman military garrison of more than 10,000 soldiers and civilians whose lives reflected the hopes and dangers of those uncertain times.

A couple exchanged an engagement ring engraved with the word "Omonoia," or "concord." Soldiers dallied in a brothel adorned with a statue of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

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Seems interesting that at one time all religions got along well, living side-by-side in peace, then all of a sudden someone got a wild hair up their bum and decided no one should get along. :rolleyes:

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I love boston! i live near it and would like to say,Yankees suck

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