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Thekherham: The Autobiography of an Alien

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All right, a bit of preamble before we get to the excerpt. The following section is from my novel (which is still in progress) called Thekherham: The Autobiography of an Alien. This particular passage recounts the first meeting between Thekherham and his future mate, Rhalhea. Not to dismiss lightly the rest of the novel, but this is one of my favorite passages.

Whistling dragons are not 'dragons' per se, since they are mammals. But they do have wings, and the ability to fly. A Tereskàdian (that is what Thekherham's species is called since he was born and grew up on the fourth planet called Tereskàdhar orbiting a sun called Orovha) and his whistling dragon are born at the same moment, and they will die at the same moment. They know each other's thoughts, both conscious and subconsious (there are no secrets between a Tereskàdian and his whistling dragon.)

Now that I've bored you all completely to death, here are just a few more notes. I noticed that in the following passage I've mentioned the word 'penis' three times, I believe, but I hope that I do not have to remove this since I think it is in context, and no way meant to be obscene or pornographic.

Also: pronunciations: What you see is not what you get, so what I'll do in this particular case, is put the pronunciation behind the names. There are pronunciation rules here, and maybe someone will realize what they are. If not you can always send me a message.

Oh, one more thing: Sorry if this passage is rather long. I don't know if there are any word limits, but what I have quoted below seems to fit together just as it is.


On a bright, clear winter day I noticed someone on the other side of the bridge. At first I thought it was Lhyrha (Leech' rah (Note: the 'y' is pronounced like the German word 'Ich)) or Nhešelha (Nee shĕ' lah), but when Kykherhenha (Kich' kee ree' nah) sent back a picture I saw it was a female I had not seen before. Her whistling dragon stood beside her, and they were both looking across the canyon.

“Hello,” I called. The canyon was narrow enough here so you could shout to someone on the other side.

She looked at me for a long time, but did not say anything. Her whistling dragon hissed which I took as a sign to tread lightly.

Can you find out her name? I asked.

Thekherham, Kykherhenha admonished me.

Sorry. One thing I learned about being a Tereskàdian was that they did not, or would not, use their whistling dragons as go-betweens. A whistling dragon would not do what a Tereskàdian could do for himself.

But this was different, I decided. I was here, and she was there, and between us, this deep chasm. I was not allowed on the bridge, and I intended to obey my parents.

So how could I get over there, or how could I get her to come to me?

Maybe she doesn’t want to come to you, Kykherhenha sent.

You’re a great help.

Why this sudden interest in a female? It’s always been playing with the males, hunting with Rheôvhan...

Rheôvhan has a mate now. And besides, we’re twelve years old. I think we should... you know...

Yes, I know, Thekherham, she sent, but there’s no rush. She flew straight up, her large, black wings blocking the sun. Across the canyon the female’s whistling dragon also rose high into the air. Moments later he dropped down, wings at his side, plummeting toward the ground, until it seemed as if he would crash, but moments before impact he unfolded his wings and swooped along the ground, passing directly in front of his Tereskàdian.

Showoff, Kykherhenha sent.

I did not comment. I watched as the whistling dragon hovered before his Tereskàdian, so she could drink. I did not know what it was or how to describe it, but this tingly feeling came all over me as I watched her.

Let’s go home, Kykherhenha suggested. Or are you going to stare at her all day long?


Hello... Thekherham?

Hush, Kykherhenha.

I’m talking in your head.

His penis is out.

Of course it is. When Mama drinks from Vythalham (Vich' tah lahm), his penis comes out. Are you sure you’re feeling all right?

What? Yeah, sure, I’m... I think...

I think your mind is playing games with you, Thekherham.

She finished drinking, looked across the canyon at me. As quickly as the whistling dragon’s penis had appeared, it disappeared. Since he was flying again, his organ would be a hindrance, so like all male whistling dragons, he kept it in his body when he was in the air.

The female walked to the edge of the canyon, looked down. She moved over to the bridge, set one foot on the first plank, then the other, moving across the narrow, but hopefully sturdy bridge confidently.

She’s coming across, I sent, realizing I was stating something so obvious there was no need to say it.

How do you think she got to the other side?

I hope she’s careful.

You got so much worry in your thought, I can taste it.

It took her a while to get across the canyon, because every now and then she would stop, and look down. I wondered what she was thinking but I thought it would be too rash of me to try to contact her via our whistling dragons.

When she finally reached me I saw that she was almost as tall as me, and just as lanky. Her fur looked neat and tidy, as if she had recently groomed herself. She could not seem to hold her tail still; it reminded me of Temžărhen.

“Hello.” Her voice was quiet, just a notch above a whisper.

“Hello.” I wanted to sound confident, but that one word came out rather awkwardly.

“We just moved here,” she said. I knew she meant her parents, herself, and her two sisters.

“Thekherham is my name,” I said in an awkward montone.

You’re staring at her.

No, I’m not. I’m just looking. “Kykherhenha is my whistling dragon.”

“Rhalhea (Rah lee ah),” she said.

“Pretty name.”

What was that?


‘Pretty name?’

I don’t know what else to say.

“Keridhar (Kĕ ri dahr).” She nodded at her whistling dragon.

“He does tricks,” I said bluntly.

Her tail lashed. “He does not do tricks. What do you think he is, some kind of performing animal? He is my whistling dragon.”

Apologize, Kykherhenha sent.

“I’m sorry, Rhalhea.”

“I just turned twelve. I know, because an Alharhanian came and looked at the age lines on my claws. He said, ‘You know what, Rhalhea, you are twelve years old.’ And that was a short time ago.”

“Have you done any hunting?”


“Telhafyn (Tĕ lah fichn)?”

“T'hŏphar(Tyoh' pahr).” When she saw my wrinkled muzzle, she added. “I didn’t eat it. I know those animals taste like feces, but it was old and... oh, it wasn’t really fair.”

“Want to...?”

“What? Why are you dancing around like that? Do you have to urinate?”

“No.” Am I? I asked Kykherhenha.

I’ll say. Anybody watching you would think you were practicing mhalvharel.

I can’t help it, I sent. I’m nervous. What if I say the wrong thing? When did I groom myself? I think my fur is kind of scraggly... and my tail... I should... umm... I should brush it. What do you think?

Your fur is fine.

And my tail?

It’s... uh...

Too fluffed up.

Don’t talk with me, she sent. Talk with her.

“Want to go for... uh... you know, go for a walk?”

“I don't even know you.”

“Oh.” Dejection sat as heavy as a rock on my mind.

Don’t give up, Kykherhenha sent. Ask her if she has a future mate.

I can’t do that.

Why not?

“Do you have a future mate?” I asked, the words tumbling out of my mouth.

“No, I don’t.” She said it rather haughtily, and I felt really low. I wanted to walk into the lake, and sink to the bottom.

She’s free, Kykherhenha sent. Ask her —

No, I interrupted. I want to go home. We’re not supposed to be this close to the canyon.

Are you scared? Of course you’re scared. I can feel it.

I looked up and saw her walking away from me. I just stood there with my tail down, and dragging on the ground. Maybe she doesn’t like me. Maybe I’m not confident enough, or strong enough, or tall enough. Maybe this female wasn’t meant for me.

Nonsense, she sent. You go after her, or you’ll reget it.

“Wait,” I called. I ran to catch up to her, but before I had gone a few steps, I tripped, and landed snout-first in the snow. I wished I could have faded away from everybody’s sight and memory.

She was laughing at me. She said I looked funny with my nose in the snow, and my behind in the air, with my tail forming an arc.

“I’m not funny,” I muttered, but I was talking to the snow.

“I like you, Thekherham,” she said.

I turned around, sat in the snow. I wrapped my tail around me, looked at her, and wondered if this would be the female with whom I would spend the rest of my life. Papa once said if you make the first female you meet your mate, the future would be bright for both of you.

She came over and sniffed my cheek. I had no idea what that meant, unless it was sort sort of greeting. When I looked at Kykherhenha I noticed that Keridhar was doing the same thing to her cheek, and my whistling dragon seemed to be enjoying it.

“You smell nice,” Rhalhea said.

“I do?” I said it rather foolsihly, because I could not think of anything else to say.

“I’d love to go for a walk,” she said, and it sounded so very sweet.

Copyright 2011


If you liked this excerpt please let me know. If you would like to read more, let me know. If you have any questions, let me know.

Edited by Thekherham

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Still Waters

I noticed that in the following passage I've mentioned the word 'penis' three times, I believe, but I hope that I do not have to remove this since I think it is in context, and no way meant to be obscene or pornographic.

Oh, one more thing: Sorry if this passage is rather long. I don't know if there are any word limits, but what I have quoted below seems to fit together just as it is.

The passage is fine. It's an interesting story although I'm not sure why 'penis' was mentioned in it. Unless it's part of the plot as the story unfolds? It would have read just as good without I think.

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I have no idea why I changed my name to Notavailable. That excerpt was written by yours truly, Thekherham. I've been away lo, these many years but I have decided to return. I am still working on my autobiography so I guess you can say I'm either really slow or maybe I edit too much. As for the word 'penis' yes, my species uses it because Tereskàdians don't wear clothes since they have fur... Well, I won't go into detail here.

Let's just say Notavailable has disappeared and the fox-like, auburn-furred, bushy-tailed alien is back.

Seven years later?

Sure, why not?

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Interesting idea for a story. The only issue I have with this kind of narrative is, it's told about instead of lived  What I mean is, the scene is as if it were reported by the protagonist later after all this happened.

I suppose it's ok as it's an autobiography. When it's a report of something that has happened, the reader is an extra step separated from the emotion and action. When a story is told in real time, the reader is involved in the moment, the emotion and action is happening now. It's a more powerful experience. 


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