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Old Cryptid/Mythic beast Coloring book

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OK so this maybe a slightly unusual request, but not really so since its very much on the topic theme and it is book related.

For the last few years ive been desperately seeking info. or preferably to find actual copies of two old Vintage Cryptid/ mythical beast coloring books i had when I was but a wee lad.-- 1. The first actual title i believe was "Mysterious Creatures" but not 100% certain- the cover featured a Yeti with long white fur and Bluish skin trailing upward on a snowy mountain peak. -- 2. The second was i believe actual Title "Mythical Beasts" but again not completely certain This one feature as the cover a Typical western Dragon on all fours with tannish and/or earth toned skin facing right I believe on a desert barren like landscape . Both of these would have been Published in the 1980s (probably mid- late 80s) as I remember first getting them when new/current at a local supermarket. The publisher, I can almost picture the logo on the corner title page- Possibly Golden books(who also publish children's books) or a similar company- may have had a little "Koala" Bear for the Logo.

IM known for my excellent memory- but am just not sure of all the details. Funny thing is I know my original copies are her in the family house somewhere- trouble is we have a big place with lots of things in "long Term" storage and its a huge task just to open certain areas up to start clearing out/opening up things. Hopefully i will get to find them in the near enough future-they should still be here- but no Idea of the condition they will be in.

These were excellently illustrated, with informative captions - even more mature aged people can enjoy. I WANT to FIND copies of these again soon (as I've been looking for 3 or 4 years now) or at least a source to get them. been looking thoroughly online- no luck yet. Someone I hope can PLEASE help lead me to these.

Thanks in Advance


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