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God's Hand?


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Jesus said that prior to His return, there would be signs: Earthquakes in many places, plagues, wars (and rumors thereof), people's love growing cold, religious deception, etc. It is true that these things have gone on since mankind began, but Jesus also said there would be birth-pains, that it would be like a woman about to deliver a child. For those who don't know the pains come in waves, they start small, then they both get more severe and closer together leading up to delivery (in this case Christ's return). For earthquakes, data should be available, there have been larger ones in the past, however are we beginning to see more large ones, in sets, followed by ever shorter periods of quiet? Sometimes it seems that way just from listening to the news. As for plagues, if one considers human, animal and plant diseases they do seem to be on the rise. Jet travel and to a lesser extent large ship travel have caused many a disease or organism to be spread, and some have been intentionally released by man as well. Just for a few examples: HIV, Sars, MRSA, Swine and Bird Flu, outbreaks of Ebola virus, Dengue fever popping up in Hawai`i and S. Florida, Sudden Oak Death killing trees in the western U.S., Asian Cycad Scale killing members of the genus Cycas nearly worldwide, Sucking insect (Sharpshooter Bug) spreading disease of grapes in California killing vineyards, beetle spreading disease of Bay and Avocado Trees in Florida, sucking insect destroying Hemlock Trees in South East, Citrus Canker and Citrus Greening killing crops in Florida. Asian Zebra Mussels are clogging our waterways. Silver Carp have taken over the Illinois River and will likely colonize the Great Lakes. Pacu are destroying river habitat in New Guinea, Snakeheads spreading in parts of U.S. river systems, Reticulated Pythons spreading in Florida, Feral Swine attacking people and destroying crops and wildlife habitats over huge areas of the U.S., Rabbits, feral cats, mice and rats in plague proportions in Australia, Possums and rats destroying wildlife in New Zealand, etc, etc, etc. Wars? Practically too numerous to mention. We currently have three we are involved in, five if you count the war on drugs and the "so called war" on illegal immigration. Has people's love grown cold? Pick up any newspaper and see the child abuse, the murder, the rapes, robberies, terrorist attacks, school shootings, and on and on. Religious deception? Islam is on the rise, cults are growing, mainline Christian denominations are losing memberships due to watered down preaching and cultural irrelevancy. Paul said, "I preach Christ and Him crucified, a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the Greeks", but in many "churches" the name of Jesus is hardly mentioned.

Now of course we see and hear more than our ancestors could ever have seen or heard with instant communication, and the world is getting more crowded so these things affect more people. The atheist might say that these are natural events or the result of man's meddling, but one can't deny that these are also the warning signs Jesus spoke of. Like so many other Biblical subjects, this must be taken with faith, but it would seem foolish to dismiss it out of hand.

Will the end of the age come soon? I don't know, but I do know we are about 2000 years farther down the road than when the warnings were given.

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When I say poor it doesn't mean you are poor in terms of wealth and knowledge, what I mean poor in spirit these people whatever is there status in life rich, intelligent and really poor the ones who seek god and believes without god they are nothing are far more better. Civilizations? Why? What happen now to the Roman Empire? Where are they now?

There are nations here that are really poor, their place are desert no trees no flowers, the people are not really that intelligent but they pray 5 times a day and so they are blessed people from great nations come to serve them and they become rich because they always seek God. I am not saying this just because I am with them, no my religion is different. Someday rich nations will become poor, united will be divided and that I believe will happen if they will not cling to God.

This is a very poor argument. Point out specific examples and details. In fact its those countries that are poor that are even more religious that really dont progress. These are countries that have terrible track record on Human rights abuses, corruption and endless conflicts. Look at Many countries in Africa, Middle East, Asia and south America. These countries have a lot of devoted, pious believers in their respective faiths but look at them. All countries rich and poor regardless how powerful or stable they are will eventually fall in one way or the other. Politics, conflicts, natural disasters and other factors always come into play that bring about shift of power and influence within political regions. Nations, just like biological entities have lifespans and all civilizations will run its course. There is an 18th century book titled "The decline and fall of the Athenian republic" written by Sir Alex Fraser Tytler. There is a line in that book where he states "The average age of the worlds greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through these sequence; from bondage to spiritual faith to great courage to liberty to abundance to selfishness to apathy to complacency to dependence and back again to bondage." This aphorism was true then and it still holds true now. No supernatural powers behind this, its just the nature of things.

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If recent disasters are actually the case of "God acting against Humans," isn't it logical to devote time and resources towards defending ourselves from "God," seeing as how this entity is clearly harboring genocidal intent?

Well said. Sort of does away with anything even remotely related to any religions claim their Deity is omni-benevolent, no?

I think it's all just a matter of pareidolia. People see what they need to see so as to fear what keeps them humble.

Then again, to hear tell it the array known as HAARP and probably some other contraption out there on land or orbiting, can stimulate natural disasters, human emotions and behaviors, and an array of other things at the push of a button.

Course, that's all written off as part of that "Conspiracy Theorist" bit, but I stopped giving that brush off immediate credit when I realized I can be tracked by my cell phone, or EZPass as I take a driving vacation, while red light camera's and other surveillance in towns and cities nation wide, can or maybe now do have the facial ID software installed so my drivers license image can alert systems to my whereabouts at any time, as those cameras can observe live time and record all goings on, while my car's On-Star system can track my movements even when I don't subscribe and not to mention my American Express Blue keeps track of me and my purchases thanks to that nifty chip on the front, while I have no worries about losing my Lhasa Apso because he's chipped to and all it takes to find him is an infrared scan at any veterinarian's office or the pound. :ph34r:

So given all that, it isn't a theory about conspiracies. It's a bloody fact of active conspiracies to tag us like cattle.

That being said, one way to keep the herd in line is to play on the worst fears of the majority of folks in the world that have been inspired to look up for signs since they were made aware there's something to look for!

Playing on peoples fears, get's people to accede to any policy, law or mandate if it only promises to keep them safe, saved or privileged.

If it's the end of the world as we know it, there's not much we can do but enjoy the ride. I'm ready. And I really don't know why anyone who's religious wouldn't either. After all, it's this world they're looking forward to leaving behind one way or the other.

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