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can an experienced medium tell

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hi there

i just need to talk to someone that might know how to help, ive always seen spirits but ive been attacked by them more times then not. so im extremely fearful of learning how to strenthen my psychic abilities. im even afriad to meditate in my own home. i even astral traveled by accident a few times and was met by a mean spirit. i would like to know,

can someone be able to tell me if my abilities are even a good enough basis to even try to develop in the first place? my mom said my dads side of the family was sensitive, so i think it might run in the family. but i dont know how gifted i could be i dont know if anyone can just sense or tell this

also can you tell if there are any spirits attached to me ? and if so what do they want? i ask for protection from my spirit guardian but i feel like a spirit or possibly more just cant wait to get to me and i dont know who or why.

well if anyone would like to talk and see if they can help i would greatly appreciate it, i dont know what else to do . thanks

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