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ohio state buckeyes

[Merged] FBI Roswell memo released

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Vlad the Mighty

It does put a different spin on it doesn't it? Cover up an alien crash with a made up alien crash...mix enough fake witnesses and real witnesses and why not throw in some false wreckage and some laughs at the notion that it's possible and...you get the idea. I'm not saying this has happened but I think it's plausible.

yes, I've been surmising about whether some of the more "colourful" details, about the bodies & things, might not have been thrown in later deliberately to make it all look less plausible, so that rational people would look at it and simply assume it all to be preposterous. Really, it's a classic disinformation tactic, isn't it.

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Would make a Great Movie ? Hey Did I say that ?

I can see the trailer now ! U/M Forum members found in large glass tubes under ground at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. Drew Carry was found to be the Leader of this gang of alledged Alien group.

A mysterious B.B.Q Smoker was found near by and Tons of BabyBacks were still smokeing !

The ryhm and reason to all this may never be found out.

They wil mostlikely put all this information into the Round File cabnet ASAP.

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