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A sudden recall of very old dreams

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I am only 18 years old... but for he last yearbook or so I have been expirencing the same thing. I will be going about my day, when sudden flashes of old dreams appear in my head... dreams that I didn’t even recall after waking up.... and only remember during these flashes. It’s a strange feeling... and I can’t not explain it either. I’m young, very healthy, and do not take any drugs. These dreams are not always pleasant or normal dreams, but sometimes dreams that have a weird aura/energy around them. These dreams seem to have no significance to them in my day to day life or on a spiritual level. 

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YESSSSS That is happening  to me. A lot lately which has brought me to this post!!!! I don’t know why and this is gonna creep everyone out but it’s been happening a lot lately and I feel like it’s like my brain like not having anything else to thing about so it  just goes back into old dreams idk. It’s been happening a lot a lot lately and I smoke weed daily and have for 10 years i thought maybe it was that. I do not feel like it’s some super power it actually freaks me out and felt like something was wrong but I guess I’m not the only one. (:

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