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Seeing pictures when closing eyes


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On 9/29/2020 at 7:23 AM, Timothy said:

This function, everyone has. Dreams. 

If you want advice on how to keep your image, let me know.

But it’s just dreams, normal sleep related phenomena.

Try this.  When you are very tired, close your eyes.  Focus on your feet getting numb, then your knees, all the up to your head.  When your entire body is numb tell yourself to stay away, but don't move a muscle.  You must be perfectly still.  Keep your eyes shut but try to look straight, keeping your eyes shut. You'll be looking beyond your eyelids.  If you stay awake and keep looking you will start to actually see your dream.  It can get scary.  Once I saw a stream of water rushing towards me and I could feel the water on my cheek.  It scared me so I stopped.  Another time, recently, I saw a creature with tall black hairy legs like that of a tarantula.  It had 3 long legs and a head.  They were in a cave walking towards me.  I opened my eyes in fear and every time I closed my eyes I saw them coming towards me. They were around 5' to 6' tall.  In order to stop seeing it I woke up, changed my position and fell asleep (without trying to stay awake).  Other times I have been warned to stop doing this.  Once a person in my dream told me to stop doing this. 

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Try this sit back and relax. Clear you’re mind and close you’re eyes. Bend you’re head over and gently ball up both fist and place them in you’re eye sockets as you rest you’re head this way on you’re fist putting slight pressure on you’re eyes. And then concentrate and pay attention to what you will see. I figured this out when I was a kid I see faces and every now and then strange designs. 

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On 11/1/2021 at 4:31 PM, Sonyab said:


Once I saw through a tunnel and something told me to stop doing this.  I would close my eyes but open them while they are still shut.  Hard to explain.  I've been warned twice to stop.  That really freaked me out so I stopped for a while, but trying it again.  It's very hard to stay awake.  I usually fall asleep.  Most nights when I try it I am looking up at the sky.  I will see many stars and feel them fall on my face.  It feels like drizzling. Very weird.  There is definitely something going on in our mind.  A part of your brain shuts off when you sleep, while another awakens.  I believe that is when DMT is released in the brain.  Once I felt fluttering like that of a mocking bird just inches from my face, then I felt this vibration throughout my body, like a feeling of bliss.  It only happened once.  I have tried to feel that again, but to no avail.  

Metaphysics and Psychic" well as of today 2 weeks ago. I was telling by self-see if I can do it, that day, I close my eyes and it works again! 

now today is 11/10/2022. Some time I can tune it on or off. I guess and Beninga where I lift off! when I see a pictune, with my eyes are close.  

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I closed my eyes either in the dark or with the lights on and I see like a screen in which I see events and people  with faces I’ve  never seen before so clear like a tv screen. It happens all the time I closed my eyes. The events go so fast as if were going fast forward. Don’t have any explanation about it. My vision is healthy. Once several years ago I was on my bed then closed my eyes then almost instantly I heard a click sound and when I open my eyes there was a small metallic object floating  or hovering over my head then l got scared and closed my eyes for several minutes but when I open them the object had desapeared. Don’t know what was it. It never happened again. 

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