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Albert Einstein's immigration papers turn up

Still Waters

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Immigration papers from when Albert Einstein dramatically fled Nazi Germany have been discovered after being unknowingly stored away for almost 80 years.

Border chiefs at Heathrow airport were left stunned by the discovery of the landing card, which marks the legendary scientist's arrival in the UK.

Einstein was Jewish and escaped to England with a bounty on his head as an enemy of Adolf Hitler's regime.

According to the smudged document, the 'father of modern physics' arrived at Dover on May 26,1933 from Ostende, Belgium.

He describes his occupation as a professor and being of Swiss nationality. On the reverse the German-born scientist states to Immigration officers he is bound for Oxford.

And now the major historical find will go on display in Liverpool's Merseyside Maritime Museum after it was snapped up by curators.

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"A certificate of immigration is not the same thing by any stretch of the imagination as a birth certificate!"


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The birth certificate??? They know Einstein existed. They don't need proof.

I'm just having fun with this :lol:

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You mean Einstein wasn't born in America. Wow, what a shocker!

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