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Gaelic-Speaking Ghost Recorded On Tape

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NEW evidence of ghosts in Edinburgh’s underground city have been recorded on tape by a radio producer. Debbie McPhail claims to have made a recording of a ghoulish voice hissing the words: "Get out" or "Go away" in Gaelic.

Mrs McPhail described herself as "a cynical person by nature" - but said she had no explanation for the ghostly voice.

news icon View: Full Article | Source: The Scotsman

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there have been other accounts of this happening over the years, and the ghosts always hiss or tell the person making the recording to 'get out' or 'go away'

the instances of this happening, when thats all they say, makes me disbelieve it. if a ghost wanted to manifest itself why wouyld they go to all the trouble of gather ing the energy together just to say 'go away'?

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