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Been born under the stars

without any aspects of life

Not knowing what they want from me

the things I might need to learn

or did I allready absorbed the

Should I take risks

to make these things work

Should I cast black or white

or go for grey

Why does nobody tell me a thing

because all I have our questions

and I really don't know what to do

maybe I don't need any help

I need to go on

and stay strong

what more do I need to say

I'm crawling further into the unknown

A story that needs to be told

a wish that needs to be furfilled

maybe I need to search deeper

and give everything what I got

I don't want to be seperated

and life in the shadow

because I'm not different

or that is how I feel

Can someone help me

to give me the answers

the things I need to know of life

A light that starts to shine

a hand that reach for me

a voice that calls me

I'm not longer trapped

and I'm not alone anymore

the silence is broken

the answers are given

questions I had vanished away

like the wind that carries the rain

on a cloudy day

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great poem, thanks for sharing thumbsup.gif

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haha, luved it. Even thought it didn't rhyme, it didn't have to. I could sense expression of emotions grin2.gif

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