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Human Brain Limits Twitter Friends To 150


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I first thought this thread said our brains limit a 150 character limit, I was like what? XD

Interesting study, but I think this would be better linked up with facebook and myspace =/

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In my opinion, there are some things science can't measure, and that includes the definition of the word "friend". People define friendship in different ways, and I believe there are people who genuinely believe they have more than 150 friends.

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To me a friend is someone you do things with outside of work, like go fishing or hang out at a bar or go to a movie with or have over to your house for a bar-b-q. The people you work with are co-workers and anyone else is a neighbor or an acquaintance. By that definition most of us have very few real friends.

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Its all about how good of a friend those people are, you're always better of with a few good friends that are like family instead of having hundreds who you aren't tight with. You can always rely on a few close friends.

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